Investment Philosophy

Our funds seek to provide risk-adjusted returns exceeding respective benchmarks across market cycles. By following well-defined and continuously refined investment models, we have gained extraordinary returns for our clients in both bust and boom cycles of the past years. Through a diversified and multi-strategy approach, we are able to deploy our investment capital to the proper segment, market, or investment strategy in an effort to maximize overall return.

Investment decisions are based on diligent research and time-tested performance modeling. Every investment decision is made with a focus on risk management and capital preservation. The funds also rely on a conservative approach on leverage and diversification to further manage market and systemic risks.

While investment opportunities abound, our firm focuses on investment areas where we have demonstrated expertise. These key areas include (i) distressed debt and credit-related investment, (ii) arbitrage in risk, convertible securities, capital structure, and other market neutral long-short opportunities, as well as (iii) investment in special situation and global macro opportunities